F.A.Q / Frequently Asked Questions

Is Refamo software suitable for my business?

Any PC network configuration can be controlled and monitored with Refamo. You do not need to buy a KVM switch, have multiple monitors and cables in order to check the status of your network. The high software's scalability, making it the ideal tool for controlling and monitoring big networks (such as Render farms).

How many Nodes / PCs I can monitor with Refamo?

The new Refamo V4.xx can monitor up to 1000+ PCs. We really do not know the software's limit. We have not yet found a Cluster or Renderfarm configuration that Refamo can not handle.

Should I use RealVNC or a similar software?

Refamo V4.xx supports VNC. But also there is no need to use RealVNC or similar software. That is one of the main reasons we made the software. Click on the IP address / Name of each machine brings up a desktop window via RDP.

What is the Memory usage of Refamo?

It is very low. You should expect around 50-100K memory usage.

What kind of network traffic overhead is required to monitor these kinds of things?

The network traffic required is minimum. Does not affect your work flow - you will not notice any slowdown whatsoever. Our tests have shown less than 0.01% on a 100Mb LAN.

Can I sell my license? Are the license transferable?

Refamo licenses are single seat. Cannot be transferred to other persons. The licenses are strictly personal.

What will I get with the order?

You will receive the latest Refamo version, a .pdf manual and access to free software updates.

Troubleshooting & Help

Can I use the computer NAME instead of the IP address ?

Yes you can.

When clicking on the IP address or computer name I only get a "connecting" message. Why the Remote Login is not working?

Make sure you have followed the installation instructions correctly and - Windows Firewall is not blocking the Refamo Node.

Windows 2003 & 2008 Server 32bit & 64bit:

Make sure you add Refamo.exe and Refamo Node.exe to Windows Firewall exception.

Is there a function that detects the death of a slave/node? How is that solved?

The Refamo "Energy Saving" feature gives the ability to reboot / shutdown a node when it is inactive after a certain period of time. This feature can be used to reboot a node depending on the CPU % and Time. Screenshots available inside the manual (page -8-)

Error: "The application failed to initialize properly(0xc000135). Click ok to terminate...."

Install .NET 2.0 or higher. Available here: Microsoft .NET

Error: "Cannot set up CPU monitor, invalid input string".

This particular problem is caused when your performance counters (in the registry) are corrupted in Windows.
We are not sure yet which software is causing this corruption, possibly a spyware, antivirus or badly written 3rd party application.
Please visit the Refamo Forum for the solution: Refamo.com/forum/viewtopic?472

What is the Energy Saving?

The Energy Saving feature is a very good way for reducing your electricity bill, extent the life of your machines and why not protect our very valuable Earth! Within couple of months Refamo will pay for itself.

Is it possible to install the Node as a service?

At the moment, the Refamo node runs as a user-level application. It is quite light and does not take up much resources. There is no Windows Service version available at this time, although this may change in the future.

Troubleshooting WOL (Wake On LAN) :

Make sure your Motherboard supports it.

Configuring your Network Card:
In order for WOL (wake on lan) to work, your network card must go into "standby mode" when you power down your computer. If any of your network card's lights are still lit after you shut down, then it's configured properly, and you can skip the rest of this section. Otherwise, if none of the lights remain lit after powering down, you'll need to do the following.

  • Double-click the Network icon in Control Panel, or right-click on your Network Neighborhood icon and select Properties.
  • Select your WOL-compliant network adapter from the list, click Properties, and choose the Advanced tab.
  • Highlight NDIS Driver Version, and change it's value to NDIS 4 (the default setting is Auto Select). If either the Advanced tab or the NDIS Driver Version setting are missing, then you'll need to obtain more up-to-date drivers from the manufacturer of your network card.
  • Also in the Advanced tab, change the settings for Wake on Link and Wake on Magic Packet accordingly, if they're there.
  • When you're done, click Ok, and then Ok again. Confirm that you want to restart Windows when asked.
  • After restarting, shut down and check the light again. If it still doesn't work, contact from the manufacturer of your network card for support.

What are the System Requirements?

The hardware requirements are very low. Any PC can run Refamo without any problems. Please refer to the manual for detailed System Requirements

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