Refamo uses a dynamic tree based layout which allows for easy identification and monitoring of the network computers. This layout makes viewing machine clusters of hundreds or even thousand of machines intuitive and quick. You can group several computers together to view average statistics and send group commands. Custom descriptive names can be used to make the network management easier and faster.
With Refamo, you can quickly see the CPU, Memory, and Hard Disk usage, Network and Hard Disk activity, Uptime status, and disk I/O activity for all your network computers. When grouping several computers together, average statistics for the group are also displayed.
Easily wake, shutdown, reboot, send files or execute custom commands to one or multiple computers with a simple click. This user-driven feature is especially helpful when your computer are not connected to monitor and/or are located in a different room or floor.
Refamo allows for quick control of any computer in your network using Remote Desktop (RDP) or VNC. If you don't want to interrupt the processes of a remote computer, you can use Refamo to request a single screenshot and have it refresh every few seconds.
Refamo helps you manage the energy use of your network computers and avoid unnecessary usage. You can configure Refamo to automatically shut down computers in your network based on their CPU load and idling time. Protect your machines by automatically shutting them down or restarting them based on the CPU temperatures.

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